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Since 1979 Whirlwind has worked with wheelchair riders around the world to design durable and highly functional wheelchairs that perform well on rough terrain and are built in factories that contribute to local economic development. Learn More...



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RoughRider USA Trial Group

Before our grand opening in the USA, we want to make sure the RoughRider works as well here as it does in the developing world.  We’ve designed the RoughRider so that people who live in rough urban and rural environments will have a chair tough enough to be relied on for everyday activities.  In the USA, people are talking about going to the park, beach, garden, and trail with their RoughRiders.  Those are similar environments but different uses.

Our first 100 customers in the USA will be a special group.  They’ll help us understand how the chair is used here in the USA.  We’ll follow up with them by email and phone to hear about their adventures and get their feedback on the chair.  But, they’ll need to be a little patient.  Selling chairs in the USA is new for Whirlwind.  Our target is to lead the industry with a two week delivery time.  But, this first batch will be slow and probably not without hiccups.

Hopefully, several of the people in the trial group will have so much fun in their RoughRiders that they'll want to give endorsements in our future promotions.

If the trial group sounds good to you, then we have more good news.  We plan future add-ons for the RoughRider - like quick release axles, lighter wheels, a do-it-yourself tool kit, and custom upholstery options.  Participants in our trial group will get a 50% off coupon for any one of these future options.

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